Flight Crafting needs builders!

Flight Crafting is a Minecraft server made exclusively for members of Flight Rising. It is the eventual goal to make Flight Crafting a Survival/Build and RP server with many fun features, including RPG elements that call back to the FR source material, such as abilities unique to a dragon breed/element that you get to choose. However, before we let in people primarily interested in a Survival and RP experience, we’d like to complete our vision of recreating the world of Flight Crafting in Minecraft! That way, members of the server will be able to build lairs near their element’s zone and visit all of the locations of FR.

A list of our projects and their statuses can be found here. Many of the locations that are not marked complete on this list are started or are W.I.P., but our population is small and these are large, time-consuming builds and help is needed for all of them. Photos of builds we have already completed can be seen here!

If you’d like to help, send an application to BatCrooks on FR with the following information. (*Please note that you must be at least 16 to join Flight Crafting!)

What is your Minecraft ID?

Do you have an FR-specific Tumblr? If you don’t have one, would you be okay with having your main tumblr linked to the Flight Crafting member list?

Why do you want to be a builder on Flight Crafting?

Please show an example of something you have built in Minecraft.

If you are chosen for this initial wave of builders, you will be asked to create a build the size and style of your choosing related to an FR Flight as a test of your skills, after which you’ll be given Builder status and will be able to work on official builds. The Builder label is a temporary status that will be replaced with one of the server’s normal labels (Lesser through Ancient) after the grand opening.

This is only for people interested in being hard-working builders! The server will open officially for all applicants as soon as everything is built.

Heads up Flight Crafters! Our server provider has routine maintenance scheduled between 11pm and 5am CDT, starting on 8/17 (tonight). This maintenance may cause brief periods of connectivity loss or increased latency.